Filmmaker, Photographer & Creative Director

By day he serve as a photographer and creative director at Blacksmith Branding™.

By night he researches NFTs, develops VR cinema and edits an epic fantasy novel series.

The Brief

  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

We are of the belief that a personal brand should be... well, personal. Our creative director needed to update his web portfolio and it became an opportunity to dig into what makes a person unique.

His storied family history, adventurous life, theosophy and creative work made for a ripe opportunity to develop an original style unlike anything we’d done before.

Visual Identity

Simon’s personal work is first and foremost playful. His photography is aimed at exploring the many aspects of being—namely the absurd, the fringes of expression. However, his family history is chock-full of regal nobility, academia, and global business; but his life experience had taken a turn from lower-middle class suburbia to adventurous, entheogenic and spiritual.

Finding the balance between the psychedelic, absurd and noble, our task was to develop an ID that expressed the crossroads of this odd combination. To start, we traveled to his ancestral village of Elgg in Switzerland, and photographed the crest on the ceiling of his family’s castle. The crest featured a personified double crescent moon, which aptly became the logomark for his identity.

To contrast, the logotype was designed to lean psychedelic, but had to be ledgible and modern. Paired with a medieval-inspired header font “Bagnard”, a more approachable sans-serif typeface, “Authentic Sans”, was used for small headers and body text to help to balance the ornate partnership.


We created a fast-loading, utilitarian site with psychedelic effects and image-centric layouts.

The biggest challenge was the website. With a wide variety of images and types of work, we had to create an interactive style that remained easy to use and navigate while incorporating the playful mindset his work embodies.

Visit it here to see our work in action.